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Wireless Displays & Collaboration In NC

We offer a full range of wireless display and collaboration tools, including whiteboard annotation, 4K presentation, device mirroring and real-time editing from any wireless-enabled device you need to use.

Enhance productivity during meetings by making it easier to present and share content wirelessly from any device to any device and to the main display. Access Point Technology, Inc. Wireless Collaboration & Presentation Solutions offer meeting participants 4K presentation with advanced collaboration tools for any meeting space, including device mirroring, team editing in real time and whiteboard annotation.

Our wireless displays and collaboration tools are designed to support growth in your operations and an easy meeting. It’s time your technology supports your activities instead of getting in the way each time you’re trying to present a new idea.

We’ll give you the setup you need in Fort Lauderdale and everywhere else in our great state of Florida. You’ll get the wireless displays and collaboration systems for the best experience you’ve had. We can even help you secure the right technology if you’re the office road warrior or take meetings to satellite locations. Access Point Technology, Inc. makes it intelligent.

Answering Your Wireless Display Questions

At Access Point Technology, Inc., we can help you determine the answers to the following questions:


  • Should you consider using Microsoft Display Adapter or Airtame?
  • What works best for office environments that use Windows, OSX, iOS and Android devices?
  • Do you need specialty equipment to support a BYOD environment?
  • What’s light enough to fit in the ceiling or on the wall?
  • Does your office have the same considerations as the board room? What about your school and the mobile meeting place?

The world of wireless collaboration solutions in Fort Lauderdale, FL and elsewhere is a complex one, so turn to the experts who can answer these questions and more.

Access Point Technology, Inc. has been delivering telecommunications and meeting support for more than 25 years, and we’re proud to stand behind our 100% customer satisfaction rating.

Access Point Technology, Inc. and Your Bottom Line

Our work as a GPON design company has turned our engineers into experts at limiting the amount of physical equipment you’ll need for your fiber distribution network. We’ll eliminate physical switches thanks to splitting the fiber into multiple signals and even help you reduce the overall amount of fiber you need. This makes for a more affordable GPON installation that company leadership is always happy to see on budget sheets.

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