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There are many companies who can “pull cable” from point A to point B – so, why Intellicom? First, Access Point Technology has an unprecedented breadth of experience, customer focus, capacity and certifications. Through a deep-rooted partnership with specialty technology and electrical partners, Access Point Technology is better equipped to handle all aspects of your cabling needs than anyone else in the marketplace.We handle, in house, everything required to bring your special systems to life. From the installation of conveyance or conduit to the creation of pathways via demolition and build back, we have team members that get your project done.

Access Point Technology is experienced in meeting even the most demanding of requirements for structure, appearance and manageability – having delivered for technology showcases, industry-leading data centers and aggressively growing companies.The team here at Access Point Technology has become one of the top voice and data cabling Florida companies have come to depend on from early-stage planning and development to implementation and maintenance. We’ll turn your entire project into something your team and your budget can handle.

Every Industry Benefits From Voice & Data Cabling

Normally, we like to make industry-specific recommendations based on the services we offer like voice and data installation and cabling — and trust us, we’ve got plenty. However, there are a few universal benefits that are important to highlight because they save you time and money and reduce your frustration level. Structured Data cabling services are about the best thing you can get your IT team. Here’s why:

Structured Data cabling services are about the best thing you can get your IT team. Here’s why:

Easy to install, maintain and upgrade

Modular design means you can quickly and simply replace equipment, expand your support and adjust to business demands through networked controls.

You need less infrastructure

Voice and data cabling requires significantly less physical equipment, so our customers throughout Florida are spending less money throughout the life of their network. Passive devices and system architecture do the heavy lifting and have replaced many pieces we previously needed, such as network switches.

Installation time is shorter and less expensive

Less physical equipment and greater network controls mean getting you up to speed is simpler. It takes less time and that means fewer hours paying voice and data cabling companies as well as your staff to install and monitor the new equipment.

Safer cabling

Structured Cabling for voice and data installation often turns a series of wires and cables that too closely resemble a hairball into a clean and efficient set of cables that are clearly marked and easy to use or replace. All of that organization and simplification turns into savings because the airflow is better, cooling your equipment is easier, there’s less chance of destroying cables and you can use smaller diameter trunk cabling to limit costs.

You can see all of these benefits and more by selecting Access Point Technologies, Inc. as your voice and data installation company. Experience why our expert staff has a 100% customer satisfaction rating for our expertise and top-quality service throughout Florida!

0ur 100% on-time & 100% customer satisfaction record speaks for itself!

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