Office IT Relocation


We take the stress out of moving your IT Infrastructure.

Stress Free IT Office Relocation With Access Point Technologie’s Full Service IT Moves

Moving office locations requires exceptional organization and planning.

There is always so much to get done, all while attending to the daily tasks of business.  

Access Point Technologies makes your office move easy by providing a full-service move of all IT infrastructure.  

While planning for your move, we first take stock of your current IT infrastructure, including all cabling, servers, computers, printers, security systems, audio/visual, etc.  

Next, we assess the layout of your new office location.  If building new or remodeling, we’ll work closely with your architect to ensure their plans appropriately account for your IT needs.

We also can assess whether your IT network is due for any upgrades in order to meet your growing network demands.

Once we have laid this groundwork, our Registered Communications Distribution Designers meticulously plan out the network design for your new location and our project managers create a highly detailed moving plan. 

When moving day arrives, this exhaustive preparation enables us to move and set up your IT infrastructure quickly so your organization experiences minimal downtime. 

Many IT managers we serve remark how stress free the move ends up being.

Our IT Moving Service Includes:

  • A complete accounting of all current IT infrastructure
  • Expert design of your new IT network 
  • Meticulous planning by our project managers
  • Expert installation of all structured cabling before moving day, including Wi-Fi setup 
  • Timely transfer of internet, email, website, and phone services
  • Careful packing and transportation of all IT equipment
  • Expert setup of servers, computers, printers, security systems, audio/visual, etc.
  • A commitment to installing a highly capable and reliable network, completing the job quickly to minimize costly downtime

Full-Service IT Relocation

Let us handle your IT move so your staff can stay focused on day-to-day operations.

50 Years of Combined

Network Wiring Experience

Our structured cabling experts have a combined 50 years of network wiring experience.  We have completed projects for large corporations, industrial facilities, hotels, government agencies, and more.

Every network line we connect is fully terminated, toned, and tested before labeling.

This ensures every client receives an exceptionally reliable cabling system.

Access Point Technologies provides professional cabling services in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm, Beach Miami, and more.

  • CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a cabling
  • Network cabling, clean up & labeling
  • Server rack installation
  • Wire management
  • Security camera wiring
  • Network repair & troubleshooting
  • Warehouse network cabling & wiring
  • Backbone wiring
  • DEMARC wiring and extensions
  • … and more!
  • Network cabling, clean up & labeling
  • Server rack installation!
  • Wire management!
  • Security camera wiring!
  • Network repair & troubleshooting!
  • Warehouse network cabling & wiring!
  • Backbone wiring!
  • DEMARC wiring and extensions!
  • … and more!