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We Pride Ourselves on High Quality, Expert Installations for all your Commercial & Business Network Cabling Needs in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Zip Codes we serve: 33403, 33404, 33408, 33410, 33412, 33418, 33420, 33478

#1 Low Voltage Contractor in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Access Point Technologies offers low-voltage contractor support to businesses in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Leverage our experience and expertise in business security solutions, data cabling and network wiring to support your business objectives.

Our Company

Since 2009, Access Point Technologies has been the trusted local provider for data cabling and network wiring solutions. Our team of experts boasts 50 years of industry experience, allowing us to cater to all cabling needs.

Over the years, we’ve been growing and learning from experience and customer feedback. As a result, we’ve served many companies in various sectors, including education, health, corporate, and manufacturing.

One of the things that set us apart is our strict adherence to client requests and TIA and EIA standards. So, rest assured that our data cabling and network wiring experts will design, install, and implement a solution that suits your current and future needs.

What We Do

Business networks facilitate the transmission of data between internal and external parties. Should delays or any issues arise with this process, communication, collaboration, operations, and security will be negatively affected; any of these problems can significantly impact business success. Fortunately, Access Point Technologies can help you overcome this through:

1. Structured Cabling

The demand on your business’ cable network increases with each laptop, VoIP system, or device that you add. Unfortunately, using point-to-point cabling leads to a jumbled wiring mess, making it easy for cables to be unplugged accidentally and creating a tripping hazard.

Our structured cabling systems deliver an organized network of cables that’s easy to manage. But more importantly, it enhances network efficiency to support business goals.

Our structured cabling services include:

  • Data network wiring and cabling
  • CAT5, CAT6, and CAT7 cable runs
  • Multimode and single fiber installations
  • Data and voice wiring

2. CCTV Installations

Our CCTV and IP camera installation services use the latest advancements in video surveillance technology. This allows your business to monitor happenings in every corner of their premises. In addition, our systems use features that enable you to protect your employees and customers better, including real-time remote monitoring and alert capabilities via a computer or mobile device.

3. Access Control Systems

Beyond monitoring everything happening in your building, a key element of security is limiting access to permitted persons only. Our robust access control systems provide this and restrict access to your entire facility or certain areas and rooms.

Why Choose Us

Your cable network plays a key role in day-to-day operations. Therefore, the design and installation process must be done correctly, and choosing a low-voltage contractor you can count on is essential.

Some of the reasons you should consider us include:

  • Expertise and Experience
  • Licensed and insured
  • Quick turnaround
  • Ongoing support
  • Warranties for all hardware installations
  • Affordability
  • Flexibility

In addition, our data cabling and network wiring experts are committed to delivering high-quality services; we measure our success by the growth we help you achieve.

So, if you need a low voltage contractor in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Access Point Technologies is the ideal provider. Schedule a free consultation with one of our experts to learn more about our solutions.



We have been transforming the ideas and visions into award-winning projects.

Commercial &
Business Network Services


Access Point Technologies experts have over 20 years of network wiring experience & we work with IT firms, business owners, entrepreneurs, and general contractors to complete the wiring job at hand. Every network line is connected and fully terminated, toned, tested and labeled with the latest digital testing equipment to ensure problem-free network operation and long term ease.

Access Point Technologies provides commercial and residential network cabling services in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach Miami, and more.

  • Network cabling, clean up & labeling
  • Server rack installation
  • Wire management
  • Security camera wiring
  • Network repair & troubleshooting
  • Warehouse network cabling & wiring
  • Backbone wiring
  • DEMARC wiring and extensions
  • … and more!
  • Network cabling, clean up & labeling
  • Server rack installation!
  • Wire management!
  • Security camera wiring!
  • Network repair & troubleshooting!
  • Warehouse network cabling & wiring!
  • Backbone wiring!
  • DEMARC wiring and extensions!
  • … and more!