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We Pride Ourselves on High Quality, Expert Installations for all your Commercial & Business Network Cabling Needs in North Miami, Florida. Zip Codes we serve: 33160, 33161, 33162, 33167, 33168, 33181

#1 Low Voltage Contractor in North Miami, Florida

Miami Florida is a prime vacationing spot for many people. The city boasts a population of 461,080 according to the 2020 census. With so many people, businesses are booming and so is the need for low voltage contractors. Low voltage contractors in North Miami, Florida install everything from security camera systems to access control systems.

Where Do I Find a Low Voltage Contractor in North Miami Florida?

Access Point Technologies is a licensed, low-voltage contractor with a combined 50 years of experience. Founded in 2009, we’ve been servicing clients that range from retail, medical, office, financial and general buildouts. We do structured cabling, CAT5, CAT6 and CAT7 cable runs, data and voice wiring, access control systems, and multimode and single fiber installations. We offer our clients the best quality and long-lasting systems they’ll find.

Why Access Point Technologies?

Why should you choose Access Point Technologies? We offer our clients:

  • A job done right the first time
  • The project is done on schedule
  • 2-year warranty
  • Quality, long-lasting systems
  • A system that grows with your company
  • Proven track record
  • Perfectly tailored system to meet your company’s specific needs

We take the time to listen to our clients and what their needs are, we assess all areas of need and factor in company growth before we begin finding a solution for what your specific needs are. This way we are able to put together a long-lasting, quality system that doesn’t just meet our clients’ needs today, but down the road as well with minimal maintenance.

What We Do:

  • Network cabling clean-up and labeling
  • DEMARK wiring and extensions
  • Backbone wiring
  • Network cabling and wiring for warehouses
  • Security camera wiring
  • Server rack installation
  • Wire management
  • CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a, cabling

The network lines we connect are first tested, fully terminated, and toned before labeling to ensure a reliable system. A company’s cable and wiring have a huge impact on its IT network. At Access Point Technology, we know that network downtime is often caused by a poorly designed system, which can end up costing corporations a great deal of money. This is the last thing we want happening to our clients. We work with Registered Communication Distribution Designers to create an exceptional, reliable system that will last for years to come.

Contact Us for a Free Consultation

Here at Access Point Technology, we go above and beyond for our clients, which is why we respond promptly to every inquiry. We encourage you to reach out to us so we can work together to create a plan of action that fits your company’s specific needs. We’ll start with a free consultation and go from there. Contact us today to set up an appointment!



We have been transforming the ideas and visions into award-winning projects.

Commercial &
Business Network Services


Access Point Technologies experts have over 20 years of network wiring experience & we work with IT firms, business owners, entrepreneurs, and general contractors to complete the wiring job at hand. Every network line is connected and fully terminated, toned, tested and labeled with the latest digital testing equipment to ensure problem-free network operation and long term ease.

Access Point Technologies provides commercial and residential network cabling services in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach Miami, and more.

  • Network cabling, clean up & labeling
  • Server rack installation
  • Wire management
  • Security camera wiring
  • Network repair & troubleshooting
  • Warehouse network cabling & wiring
  • Backbone wiring
  • DEMARC wiring and extensions
  • … and more!
  • Network cabling, clean up & labeling
  • Server rack installation!
  • Wire management!
  • Security camera wiring!
  • Network repair & troubleshooting!
  • Warehouse network cabling & wiring!
  • Backbone wiring!
  • DEMARC wiring and extensions!
  • … and more!