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We Pride Ourselves on High Quality, Expert Installations for all your Commercial & Business Network Cabling Needs in Lantana, Florida. Zip Codes we serve: 33462, 33464, 33465

#1 Low Voltage Contractor in Lantana, Florida

Do you depend on your electrical system for a great deal of comfort and convenience inside your business or residential property? If yes, the services of a low voltage contractor in Lantana can help keep your cabling stay organized and your digital system working optimally.

Access Point Technologies is the number one low voltage contractor in Lantana, Florida, offering data cabling and network wiring, CCTV installations, audiovisual solutions, access control system installations, repairs, and maintenance services. Our experts and specialists offer tailored structured cabling services and security solutions to support your business objectives.

As an industry leader, we aim to keep your IT systems working effectively.

Our Services

Providing data and network cabling services, audiovisual solutions, security system installations, access control systems installations, and more – Access Point Technologies is your trusted low voltage service provider. We have established a reputation in the industry. You can count on our experts for:

1. Structured Cabling Services

In today’s competitive business environment, reliable cable infrastructure is critical to the proper functioning of your business systems. Structured cabling is a critical component of your company’s overall network and needs correct installation to ensure production and reduce downtime.

At Access Point Technologies, we combine our expertise and project management techniques to create high-quality, cost-effective, structured cabling systems that support your critical applications while affording them the bandwidth to support emerging technologies. Our data cabling and network wiring are performed by highly-trained professionals who specialize in:

  • CAT5, CAT6, and CAT7 cable runs
  • Data cabling
  • Voice wiring
  • Multi-mode and Single Fiber installations
  • Other cable runs

We take a different approach. Our experts first assess your existing and future network needs, then work with you to implement the best solutions for your mission-critical applications. We pay attention to details and professionally complete every structured cabling project to exceed your expectations.

2. Security CCTV Installations

In a world where threats take any form and show up at any time, security is increasingly becoming a primary concern among property owners. Installing CCTV security cameras is a great way to deter burglars and other criminals.

At Access Point Technologies, we are committed to offering you effective surveillance solutions, giving you an extra eye on your property at all hours of the day and night, even when you are away. The implementation and configuration of security systems is performed by our experts and certified technicians, which ensures everything is completed professionally and on time.

We also integrate our surveillance solutions with your existing security systems to give you more control over your property.

3. Access Control Systems

Unauthorized access gained through unsecured entry points puts your assets, inventory, and technology at risk. That’s why it is extremely important to have access control systems installed at entry points and sensitive areas of your business and home.

Access Point Technologies is your best partner when it comes to securing sensitive areas of your business or property. We use top-notch access control equipment and technology to offer key persons and employees access to sensitive areas of your business while denying everyone else admittance.

We provide and install card readers, biometric readers, and access control accessories. We also offer the access management software you need to monitor entryways and exits.

Depending on your needs, our experts integrate your access control systems with security systems.


Why Choose Us

Access Point Technologies ensures the safety of your employees, clients, and guests. Our cabling and security solutions are tailored to your needs and designed to support core goals.

We have earned the trust of Lantana, Florida, residents and Florida at large for our expertise. Contact us today to discuss the best solution for your business or home.



We have been transforming the ideas and visions into award-winning projects.

Commercial &
Business Network Services


Access Point Technologies experts have over 20 years of network wiring experience & we work with IT firms, business owners, entrepreneurs, and general contractors to complete the wiring job at hand. Every network line is connected and fully terminated, toned, tested and labeled with the latest digital testing equipment to ensure problem-free network operation and long term ease.

Access Point Technologies provides commercial and residential network cabling services in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach Miami, and more.

  • Network cabling, clean up & labeling
  • Server rack installation
  • Wire management
  • Security camera wiring
  • Network repair & troubleshooting
  • Warehouse network cabling & wiring
  • Backbone wiring
  • DEMARC wiring and extensions
  • … and more!
  • Network cabling, clean up & labeling
  • Server rack installation!
  • Wire management!
  • Security camera wiring!
  • Network repair & troubleshooting!
  • Warehouse network cabling & wiring!
  • Backbone wiring!
  • DEMARC wiring and extensions!
  • … and more!