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We Pride Ourselves on High Quality, Expert Installations for all your Commercial & Business Network Cabling Needs in Hallandale Beach, Florida. Zip Codes we serve: 33009, 33019.

#1 Low Voltage Contractor in Hallandale Beach, Florida

Hallandale Beach, Florida is a fabulous place to visit for its beautiful beaches but, to many people, it’s simply home and the place they run their business. Those businesses rely on a solid network of contractors for their utilities, deliveries and maintenance. An often overlooked part of that network is the low voltage contractor.

What Is a Low Voltage Contractor?

Access Point Technologies and other low voltage contractors install, repair and service cabling carrying electrical power or signals under 50 Volts. While this doesn’t include lighting, power outlets or heavy machinery, it covers many electrical systems essential to your home or business.

Structured Cabling Services

Most modern businesses could not function without structured cabling systems. These systems carry your business’ telecommunications structure, such as internet services, internal networks and telephone systems. At Access Point Technologies, we cover all your requirements for structured cabling, including:

  • CAT5, CAT6 and CAT7 Cable runs
  • Data and Voice Wiring
  • Multimode and Single Fiber Installations

Our team uses their combined 50 years of experience in installation, maintenance and repairs of structured cabling to make sure your business can keep up with the modern world. Our service starts with a comprehensive plan covering all your business needs and will account for predicted growth to avoid the need for future overhauls. For your peace of mind, we only use the best hardware, keeping maintenance and repairs to a minimum.

Security CCTV Installations

In places like Hallandale Beach, Florida, many businesses are open to the public, making security an issue. With our state-of-the-art CCTV installations, you can deter potential thieves and vandals and identify those who harm your business.

Access Control Systems

Perhaps you don’t want all areas of your business open to the public or employees. To help with this, our team of professionals will install keycard, biometric or passcode access control points on your premises. These systems use the latest technology, and you can set access to your entire facility, certain areas or specific rooms.

Who Do We Work With?

Since our business first opened in 2009, Access Point Technologies has serviced a wide range of clients from many industries, including:

  • Retail stores
  • Large industrial facilities
  • Corporate offices
  • Small businesses
  • Domestic customers

If you operate any kind of business that uses low voltage services, we are here to help.

Why Choose Access Point Technologies?

When considering your company’s future prosperity and security, your low voltage electrical systems are something you should not overlook. So if you’re looking for a company with an impeccable record of customer satisfaction, safety and professionalism, Access Point Technologies is the one to choose. We’ve been proudly serving the people of Hallandale Beach, Florida, since 2009, and our customers, past and present, will tell you all you need to know about our record.

Our professional design and installation team ensures that every job is fully compliant with EIA and TIA standards. In addition, we use only the highest quality hardware when installing data cabling and network wiring, CCTC installations and Access Control systems. Our warranties provide further peace of mind, covering you for two years on labor and installation and up to 25 years on all hardware.

Call Access Point Technologies today for a free quotation, and hire a reliable, professional low voltage contractor.



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Commercial &
Business Network Services

Access Point Technologies experts have over 20 years of network wiring experience & we work with IT firms, business owners, entrepreneurs, and general contractors to complete the wiring job at hand. Every network line is connected and fully terminated, toned, tested and labeled with the latest digital testing equipment to ensure problem-free network operation and long term ease.

Access Point Technologies provides commercial and residential network cabling services in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach Miami, and more.

  • Network cabling, clean up & labeling
  • Server rack installation
  • Wire management
  • Security camera wiring
  • Network repair & troubleshooting
  • Warehouse network cabling & wiring
  • Backbone wiring
  • DEMARC wiring and extensions
  • … and more!
  • Network cabling, clean up & labeling
  • Server rack installation!
  • Wire management!
  • Security camera wiring!
  • Network repair & troubleshooting!
  • Warehouse network cabling & wiring!
  • Backbone wiring!
  • DEMARC wiring and extensions!
  • … and more!